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Again, this is for the nautical design sequence for the Cepheus Engine, although it also gives some idea as to what the steward force on a very large interstellar liner might look like.

Manning and Passengers for the French liner, Normandie, 36,287 grt.

Passengers: Cabin=568, Tourist=455. Third=209, Total=1,232

Officers: Captain, 7 Deck Officers, 21 Engineers, 7 Electricians, 5 Radio, 4 Pursers and Assistants, 1 Surgeon, 1 Chief and 3 Assistant Chief Stewards

Crew: 45 Deck, 45 Engine Room, 1 Provision Chief, 1 Chef, 90 Galley Hands, 418 Stewards, Total=600

From Alfred Cecil Hardy, The Book of the Ship, page 117
The "Normandie" was operated by France in the 1930s, and came to a somewhat ignominious end by capsizing at a New York dock as a result of a fire while being converted to a troopship. Her size is about 7200 dTons for a Traveller Displacement Ton. She did have steam turbines and used oil-fired boilers, therefore requiring a much smaller engine room staff than a coal-burning ship. The large number of stewards will break down into three primary groups. One, those dedicated to keeping the passengers entertained while on board ship at the gaming tables and with deck sports. Second, those serving in the dining rooms, for which you will have three separate ones, one for each of the ship's classes, with plenty of waiters for the Cabin Class passengers, and considerably less for the Third Class group. Third, those responsible for cabin cleaning and service, at roughly 1 steward per 3 to 4 cabins. Note, the cabins for the Cabin class passengers are going to have to be considerably larger than your standard Traveller stateroom, and have capacity for more than one person. Tourist class staterooms might be closer to a Traveller stateroom, while the Third Class staterooms will not have their own toilet and shower facilities, but using a communal one.

This would also be before radar, which would add another set of officers to the bridge force.

For the current crop of cruise ships, the major cruise lines have basic ship layouts online, along with diagrams of the various size of cabins. The smallest and cheapest cabin would be very close to the standard Traveller stateroom.

For ships and boats in general, I would suggest checking out the website where you will find a very large number of new and used ships and boats for sale, along with ship equipment. The main caveat is that they will be civilian vessels for the greater part.
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