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I've just launched my first product in what I hope will be a long line of Traveller Paper Miniatures. I decided to start with something simple, but the Vargr and Aslan are close behind; I'm on vacation from my day job come Tuesday so I hope to get a few more sets up in the next week.

Vol 1 Humaniti Security is now available at for $1.89.

Included in this set are 6 highly detailed paper miniatures of human security officers, ready to defend your station, repel boarding parties or explore hostile alien environments.

What you get:

4 Male Security Officers, each with a unique pose
2 Female Security Officers, each with unique pose
3 formats provided with a total of 4 assembly options
BONUS! Each mini is presented with three different color schemes, for a total of 18 different minis
1 page of bases provided

Follow me on Deviantart for news and updates about future products: MADMANMIKE on
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