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Default Access without being signed in

On the TML, someone was asking about ImperialLines. I knew we'd discussed it here on COTI so I googled:

Then clicked on the top hit, which was conveniently:

Then shared the link on the mailing list.

But - uh oh! Anyone who clicks on it saw a blank page full of stars, since you can only see the first post in the thread unless you're signed in!

Different results are apparently being served to indexing bots than to humans. That's... a pretty lame experience. People who might be interested in COTI are taken to a useless page. At the very least, the "To see more of this thread, please login or register." banner is not presented. (From some searching, it looks like this "feature" is an add-on to vBulletin, not a built-in option.)

Overall, it seems like a very odd restriction, and quite at odds with the spirit of sharing information. May I propose lifting it?
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