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Originally Posted by far-trader View Post
It's been much discussed now and then, here and there. Though this might be the first time it's been called Outport

Basically by eliminating the need to maneuver between the mainworld and the 100d mark a lot of time can be saved over the year. Especially for larger mainworlds or if one chooses to factor some stellar effect.
I grasped the concept immediately - hence the liking.

Originally Posted by far-trader View Post
While named singularly, like Highport and Downport, there may in fact be more than one. It would be dependent on the direction of the traffic that warrants it. If the need is only between two systems then only one Outport would be needed, and it would be relatively stationary (orbiting so to speak) between the two.

Outports would mostly be used only by large shippers, multi Kton transports, quite possibly without any maneuver drive and probably much like a commercial variant of a Battle Rider/Tender setup. A large jump frame hauling separate cargo ships (or even just cargo containers) to be taken by tug to the world, or transferred for further destinations. To take full advantage of the system requires regular traffic of high volume and long in system travel times. Loads need to be ready to go when eachTender arrives so it can be swiftly on it's way fully loaded while the flow of Riders in system would be pretty much steady.

It's not something one would see in every system, and not likely to be a stop for the characters and their small trader It's more a bit of colour and expansion from the small ship 'verse of LBB2 and the big ship 'verse of LBB5.
That implies that Jump physics means "jump between two worlds (can) always result(s) in emergence relatively close to the same point in a system". I don't have any problem with that, nor am I anywhere near sufficiently versed in the canon of Jump physics to comment further.

And this would be akin to drop tanks in the sense that it is something you would see in a more settled, heavily-trafficked area, with more regular, high-tonnage merchant traffic. For that matter, an Outport could be a staging point for drop tanks, if you wanted to use the latter as well...
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