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V. Regina (Spinward Marches 1910) A788899-C, Rorroksueknea (Gvurrdon 2628) B574500-8 of Zhevra’s testimony
Allain Templeton and Khzaeng returned the next morning. Again, formally dressed in each’s profession, they came into Zhevra’s cell, bringing breakfast. The advocate had a new pen today now that he would be writing much more in his shorthand script.

Zhevra was already awake and up. She had just finished performing pull-ups from the bars in the front of her cell. Obviously one to keep up her muscle tone, she obediently moved to the rear corner of the new cell at the order of the guards to allow the Human and the Psion entrance.

The three ate breakfast, Zhevra’s protein bars and water. Templeton had yogurt and granola, like one who had taken up vegetarianism. Khzaeng supplemented his spiced meat with leaves of uncooked spinach.

Allain broke the post-meal silence with, “When, if ever did you learn that Gevaudan Cannagrrh, your husband was a Psion.”

Zhevra was in the middle of drinking water and was unable to interrupt. Coughing a little and wiping her mouth, she answered, “My husband is not a Psion, Allain Templeton. Get that down in your notes right now or get out.”

Allain produced his new pen and made a written note in his shorthand somewhere in the pile of notes and spoke as his pen hit the hardcopy, “Accused believes her husband is not a Psion.”

Zhevra narrowed her eyes at both the Human and the Vargr Psion. She glared at Khzaeng for a second.

Khzaeng straightened his robe, “I did not tell Advocate Templeton. I am a Vargr, I am a Regency citizen, I am a Psion.” He could have gone through with his Psion’s Oath, but Allain waved him to silence.

“Truth be told, Ms. Cannagrrh,” the advocate admitted, “Last night I did some digging. I don’t know if you know this, but Senior Scout Gevaudan Cannagrrh appears in legal records from before the Collapse of the Third Imperium and here in the Spinward Marches.”

Zhevra moved from the fold-down table set into the bars and sat on the bunk to adjust her torso straps holding her breasts. “Go on.”

Allain produced a small sheaf of papers displaying a transcript in which some of the names in the dialogues were named Gevaudan Cannagrrh. “He and another Society of Equals Vargr female were found to be psionic just at the close of the Fifth Frontier War.”

Zhevra interrupted with, “The other was a precog named Uthka Varzeekh.”

Allain tilted his head in the asking and yet submissive Vargr gesture in patience. Then he continued saying, “Amazingly he was in the very same room with then Duke Norris and several other dignitaries of the Marches. Your husband was found to be a teleporter and kept an entire base of Imperium Aslan guards busy chasing him. When he grew too tired to use his talent they stunned him and dragged him before Duke Luis of Lunion the next day. But because he had committed no true crime against the Domain of Deneb, Duke Norris, in order to take a step toward peace at the end of the War, banished Senior Scout Gevaudan from the Domain as the new Archduke of Domain of Deneb and as Archduke – much to the ire of the Duchess of Mora present also - ordered him to take his older sister and the precog, one Uthka Varzeekh, with him. The Senior Scout was never part of the Outworld Coalition and no one could prove he was an advance spy for the Society of Equals who also took minor part in the Coalition.”

“For the crime of being psionic?” asked Zhevra. “From what I know of the Regency, psionics is out and legal.”

“This was just after the Fifth Frontier War and twenty-three years before the Regency was declared by Archduke Norris, Ms. Cannagrrh. Until then, psionics-trained sophonts were not as honorable as they are held by their Oath today. Today, Regency Psions register their talents, swear the Oath, Humans shaving their heads and getting tattoos. Vargr Psions die their facial fur in similar indication.”

“I gathered that,” said Zhevra who looked to Khzaeng.

Allain produced the recording device and said, “The Senior Scout then was in his late thirties. If he was alive when he met you, he must have been on Anagath-A still. That also indicates that he was well paid in his travels of Gvurrdon Sector. Shall we continue your story?”

Zhevra was enriched with this new information about Gevaudan and said, “Let’s.”

* * *

The newly-purchased concubines were marched to the smaller landing berth of the angular starship captained by Senior Scout Gevaudan Cannagrrh. Some brought small bags of personal belongings they had begged the scavengers to allowed them to keep. Last in the line, Zhevra had no possessions other than the loose crimson dress that kept threatening to blow in the winds across the tarmac. She saw over her shoulder that storm clouds were on the horizon and closing. The wind was wetter and she could feel the electricity in the wind. There was to be lightning and thunder. The Suedzuk held down her exposing dress as Gevaudan Cannagrrh welcomed each to his ship, the Sixth Horizon as she could read Galanglic on the side of the dart-like vessel.

Zhevra smiled to herself as she recalled Captain Aegzllo’s farewell speech to the departing concubines and her parting gift.

“From what I hear of this Senior Scout, concubines,” announced Aegzllo, “is that he buys entire lots and then takes them to his homeland polity, the Dzen Aeng Kho, the Society of Equals for you who don’t speak Gvegh.”

Aegzllo allowed the line of departing slaves to pass him, escorted by Tooth Decay and some other scavengers. The male in a crimson kilt was at the lead of the line and had no words for the Logaksu as he was still being helped by the female behind him to painfully peel the tranquilizing tape from his fur. The yelps and hisses from him as strip by strip took more of his own fur from his hide looked quite painful to Zhevra. “I will drink to your better life outside the Wilds tonight, concubines. Farewell.” He continued to stand there with his hands on his hips seemingly ready to feast on his success in the sell-off of his remaining slave stock.

Zhevra adopted the cowling, submissive gait and stance as she passed Captain Aegzllo. He spotted her and said, “A good price for a Red Pelt bitch, eh Suedzuk?” Aegzllo said it loud enough for the few other scavenger Logaksu and the slaves in the line in front of Zhevra.

With her lowered stance, Zhevra slid subtly left and passed closer to the loud-mouthed Aegzllo. Just as her collar rubbed her neck with its barbs, she rose with a spring of her entire body and landed a solid, jarring uppercut with her left fist. The punch to his hammered jaw rose the slightly larger Logaksu captain off his feet to fall backward onto his back, supine on the tarmac.

“I am no Red Pelt!” exclaimed Zhevra without breaking a stride. She continued onward as if the scavenger was the last thing on her mind, though she did shake out her left hand smarting from the uppercut.

The loot hauler crew ran to help Captain Aegzllo who had hit his head on the asphalt and did not rise until the slaves had marched half way across the landing field towards the wedge that was Gevaudan Cannagrrh’s ship.

To her surprise, the Urzaeng Arksouel, the Logaksu Daeos and even the Logaksu Aerrkang still peeling tape off his fur began to applaud Zhevra by clapping their claws together and swishing their tails in gratitude. It was the last she saw of the loot hauler scavengers and their Captain Aegzllo. Zhevra said nothing in return but rubbed her neck where the barbs of her collar had irritated her neck.
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