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Also, keep in mind that outside GT, TL16 isn't *that* big of a deal. The Regency Sourcebook goes to detail to point out that TL16 is an evolutionary step over TL15, not a revolutionary one. Consequently, whatever you have regarding a TL15 society probably works just dandy with a TL16 one.

(This doesn't apply to GT, where their screwy assignment of TTL -> GTL conversions cause TL16 to be a huge leap.)

Regarding Darrian, when it was first introduced in JTAS, it was given a "real" TL of about 12, though that was quickly reconned up to 14. GT accepts the TL 14 designation.

In 1202, however, it needs to be pointed out that Darrian really is TL16. The fact that the Regency makes all of the TL16 warships is an industrial capacity and political issue, not a technological issue. The TNE Darrians (and the Regency itself at Vincennes and Mora) are fully TL16 capable.

The point about Vincennes is correct, though. It is a TL16 world in 1117, and borderline TL17 in 1202. If it really is detailed to any degree in MTJ #3, that would be a good resource.
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