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Originally posted by Commander Drax:
Any way long term survival in a low berth is Canon as evidenced in TNE etc, and I imagine has something to do with the freezing process. Once frozen you are ok, however should something happen to cause minute fluctations in the temperature this could possibly lead to mishaps, illness or outright death. Thus being thawed out should happen slowly and under expert supervision (the qualified ship's doctor).
Hmmm... but won't the low berth need to be continually cooled to keep it at cryonic temperatures? Ofcourse, if the entire crew is in cryo, you'd probably lower the entire ship's internal temperature to something very low, so energy usage won't be THAT high...

This is the approach I take in my Rebin Empire source material also up for grabs at Pocket Empires. The old site is still running but when next updated which will be quite soon, should have all of the new content on it.
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