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Originally posted by Employee 2-4601:
I'm working on the design of a small lifepod, built to sustain up to 4 people in an emergency low berth for quite a long time (years, if not decades; think of Ripley in Aliens surviving 57 years in 'hypersleep'). The problem I came to is a technical one: CT states that a power plant uses its standard fuel requirement in 4 weeks; even in Beltstrike, power generation alone uses 0.05 dtons of fuel per week, even with no thrust, so you'll need 130 dtons of fuel to generate power for 50 years. Is there a solution to keep the cryotube running for a long time on a relatively small amount of fuel?
Isn't a *fusion* power plant a bit much to power a simple high efficiency refrigerator? We do cryogenic cooling all the time without anything so severe.

The longest-term power supply I can think of would be a well-shielded fission plant, or barring that, radioisotopic thermoelectic generators.
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