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I originally thought the charts were way wrong because they summed to a world pop of ~4.4 billion and not something closer to 7 billion - till I read that it was looking at adults (so teeny pop-stars don't count I guess!).

In the RW, the charts approach makes sense - but Traveller lacks the fidelity to make that applicable. But, even if one did take this into account, the total number of millionaires would not change (just the numbers percentages relate to - i.e. 10% of adults, vs 5% of total pop with only 50% adults - 6 of 1, half dozen of the other...).

By definition, the OPs question relates to individual wealth. Dependents counting automatically as millionaires wouldn't make sense - consider, if one adult only has a million credits and two dependents - then in total they would each only have 1/3 million => i.e. not be millionaires.

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