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I got mine yesterday. I must say I am very pleased with it. The cover is just enough like the cover of a military tech-maual to make it stand out on the shelves of high color, flashy graphic books in my game store
About the only complaint I have with it is the color plates of the orginal maps that came in the boxed game. They have the east half othe map on the left hand page, and the west half of the map on the right hand page. All in all, I would say that is a pretty minor complaint. (Espically since the map was about all I had left from my orginal boxed set.)
The few extra things (the color pictures in the front and the articals from magazines and such)where nice as well. The errata in the back is deeply appreciated.
I'm looking forward to future realeases. Particularly the Equipment and vehicale guides. I have many of the moduals, but look forward to getting some of the ones I missed (particularly Howling Wilderness , which I have never a chance to seen when it was orginally published.)
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