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Originally posted by Shane Mclean:
A few bits about T2K canon (akin to the stuff in the Traveller reprints, such as ratings, etc). Also some Challenege magazine stuff at the end of the book (a combat example, and some other stuff).

Pretty much it. I get a big kick out of the introductory material that gives metagame information like the discussion of how the game came about. In addition there are a number of color plates that are nice but not strictly necessary - the box set's campaign maps for example or the pages with the original box set's covers. Also the errata is there. so one doesn't need to go looking for that. It's just a nice reprinting of the materials with some, as I put it, tidbits added in. They probably aren't really enough to make you buy if you own the rules and modules, but for me they were a pleasent surprise.

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