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Originally Posted by robject View Post
I've attached a Casual Encounter draft document in the initial post of this thread (sorry Mike, you're first so your post gets the summary doc).


Suggestions welcome. I didn't propagate the widening time error window, so the dates will probably need adjusting.
Just one suggestion, and it's about Windhoeck skills: I'd delete the steward one, and make him more techincally oriented. Not that I rule out he has it, in fact I'd expect him to have it or liaison, having been working in the Imperial Palace, but because he would hid it, not wanting to work face to face with passengers that might recognize him.

In fact, I'd give him some engineering skill (probably he was from IN accademy, where he obtained it, if MT, or from any other source if another game system is used), and playing a shy engineer role, with the goal to have as few contact as he can with the random passengers, out of fear of being recognized.
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