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I've attached a Casual Encounter draft document in the initial post of this thread (sorry Mike, you're first so your post gets the summary doc).

Still gotta iron out the details and make the text usable.

Suggestions welcome. I didn't propagate the widening time error window, so the dates will probably need adjusting.

Windhoek's Run could be viewed as three separate legs:

1. Escape. From 132-1116 to 139-1116, ending in Fornol.

2. Rift Run. He reaches the Rift sometime in the second half of 1117, and takes seven jumps to cross it, to somewhere near Tonnurad (Trojan Reach 0417). Arrival in the Trojan Reach in the first half of 1118.

3. Spinward Run. The Spinward Marches are reached sometime in mid-1118, crosses the border to Foreven in late 1118, and arrives in Far Frontiers after mid-1119.
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