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Originally Posted by mike wightman View Post
I don't think either story is the 'truth' of the matter.

It definitely is a 57th Century version of Rashomon.

Lucan's story is full of holes, Windhook's story castes Lucan as an evil genius psychopath...
When you read his story - his entire story - you come to a realization that Windhook's story does not do that.

... who is capable of instantly improvising a way to take the throne while full of adrenalin from an attempted assassination and is likewise implausible.
That's where everyone gets it wrong. Lucan doesn't twirl his mustache, flair his cape, make sure his black stovepipe hat is in place, point a finger in the air, declaim "AHA! Now is my chance to ascend to the Throne!", and start shooting.

Lucan didn't kill Varian in order to become emperor. Lucan killed Varian in order to kill Varian. At the instant he began pulling the trigger, Lucan wasn't even thinking of the Throne. He was thinking about removing witnesses and killing his hated older brother.

What were the twins doing while Windhoek and Imprey waited in the corridor? They were screaming at each other, just as they always did. What were they screaming about? Varian had "stolen" another one of Lucan's girlfriends, just as he always did. That girlfriend was right there in the room with them, just like so many times before.

Lucan killed Varian because of Elia, because of the few seconds made him the younger brother, and because of a lifetime of sleights both real and imagined. Only seconds after screaming at each other, Dulinor going postal in the Throne live on TV, a dead assassin, and a loose pistol gave Lucan the opportunity he'd dreamed of his entire life: Killing Varian.

Since childhood, Lucan had run through dozens of daydreams in varying levels of detail in which his older brother died, was killed, or was removed in some way. Here and now, in their shared apartment, was one of those daydreams served up on a platter.

Lucan killed Varian to kill Varian and not to clear his path to the Throne.

I can either conclude the author of this little plot wasn't a very good author or that we are supposed to notice the holes and fill the gaps.
It was probably a little of both.

But then the entire plotline was dropped in favour of starting in 1121 with the first five years of warfare already a done deal, so I guess it is a moot point
They dropped a lot of promising stuff.

By the way, there is no variant spelling of Windhook in my version of Rebellion Sourcebook - do you know where it comes from?
It's spelled both ways in my copy and within sentences of each other. I chose "Windhoek" because it's less common and because, as wargame designers and autodidact historians, GDW would have known that Windhoek is the capital of Namibia.
"The beauty of CT LBB1-3 is that the ref is free to make such decisions for themselves." - Mike Wightman

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