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I want to apologize for leaving up such sloppy work. I do tend to be lazy, but once I finished editing this thread I think I can feel somewhat better about it, though I know I should have done editing in the first place before posting.

I want to thank Marc Miller and our long departed Hunter Gordon for putting up and maintaining this very fantastic and very cool forum. Hunter realized his dreams too late, and not thoroughly enough. I hope Marc Miller is continuing to realize his dreams with his creation.

I've had a life long love affair with Traveller, and wish we were all thirty or forty years younger again so we could explore not just Traveller but other games and the world as a whole. But, new things are to come for both this game and the world. It'll be interesting to see that transpires in the coming years

A few notes; I didn't visit too many of the main staples of the Marches, and tried to give exposure to places outside the Spinward Marches. I'm sorry I didn't hit K'Kree, Hiver or even Vegan space. I'm also sorry I didn't hit the Newts, Darriens or even Virushi a bit more. I'm not a huge fan of the Zhodani, even though they make for good bad guys.

As per other posts and my blog Traveller came out during the post Star Wars boom to the scifi genre as a whole, and along with Traveller there were the Terran Trade Authority books, a revitalization of the Star Trek franchise with a feature film, and the talk of a then "Star Wars 2" in the works. When things like school, homework, chores or just life in general was miserable, we could escape for a time in those properties.

Not everyone grows up, but all people age, and eventually boyhood passions can become part of our adult lives in a more wondrous way.

Anyway, thanks again. Take care.
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