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Currency exchange is central to my Cloud setting.
Confederation to Cloud currency is exchanged at 10:1, prices all expressed as 1/10 of normal, and converted back 1:1.

This is of course a scam to gain Confederation currency for buying necessities and desirables, but also because in an area where there is enough ice to provide oxygen, hydrogen fuel and water but no rock, metal is VERY precious. Doubly so in such a lawless region without an enforced banking or criminal/contract law beyond the roughest of frontier justice.

In fact the metal currency operates as much commodity exchange as money, as today's coins may be melted down tonight to be raw material for tomorrow's micro-industrial production run.
Therefore accurate metal analysis equipment for valuating currency of unknown origin or tampering is highly desirable.
Also, Cloud currency is wildly adhoc and individualized often telling a story or conveying an image the minter wants to convey. They may be of almost any shape or representation, but it will have very standard marking indicating components, weight and percentage.

Wise traders coming to the Cloud to partake of the forbidden goods and services provided won't bother with regular Confed credits, but make their own currency.
And ensure they have enough firepower to keep it.
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