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While I have not sat down and come up with a wide range of monetary units, I do go with Tech Level 5 and earlier economies using gold and silver for their currency. In Research Station Gamma, gold in bullion form is quoted at 200 Credits per ounce of gold. Up to 1933, the official price of Gold in the U.S. for monetary purposes was $20.67 cents an ounce. I round that to 20, and have the local currency, be it the thaler, peso, mark, ruble, dollar, franc, etc. equal to 20 units to the ounce of gold, or maybe to make things more realistic, push the value in local units up or down a bit from the 20 to the ounce. Silver I generally set at about 20 ounces of silver to the ounce of gold, just to make things simpler, and that is pretty close to what gold and silver would trade at around 1900. It also make the 1 unit coin weigh one ounce.

The coins used are not 0.999 pure metal, but typically the silver coins will be sterling silver, 0.925 per cent silver and 0.775 per cent copper, for strength and wear. The gold coins may be 24 carat or possibly 22 carat, with the fineness clearly stated by the issuing authority.

When an Imperial visitor leaves, typically they will convert their gold and silver back into Imperial currency, again getting hit with an exchange rate differential. In this way, lower Tech Level planets can acquire Imperial currency to conduct interstellar trade with.

Higher population planets will normally have their own monetary unit, while the lower population planets, roughly population exponent of 4 to 5 and lower, will use the Imperial credit as long as they have a fairly high Tech Level.

These lower Technology planets do not take credit cards, and frown on Imperial currency, so visitor have to convert their money to the local currency, generally at a not totally favorable exchange rate.
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