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Some quick notes on Aston and Vash; Richard Aston is a male who likes to "see the world", or in this case the Third Imperium. Often in children's fare such individuals are classified or chided as being children, but adventure was and is meant for everyone regardless of age. The kind of adventure may dictate some age demographic, but not the idea of adventuring itself. And adventuring doesn't always mean fighting bad guys, as I think most here know.

Vash is a male wolf like Vargr perhaps who has a loose or vague resemblance to a husky or malamute (I don't know the difference, and am not interested in being enlightened). He is not an allegory for a human female of any social extraction, as I'm perhaps getting some loose hints about his existence.

Getting back to adventuring, some people like companionship with adventuring. Some people delve into adventuring for companionship. As the old saying goes, boys will be boys and girls will be girls sort of thing where social interaction goes. Aston has a job to do, Vash is almost like "his best friend" as a "canine"/"lupine" accompanying his human master, but is also an IISS serviceman.

That's about all for now.
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