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No more feedback. Not a big deal.

I was glad to be able to get back to some levity and good adventure material. The previous installments felt like downers in retrospect.

I thought of going a bit dark and going many years into the future in Aston's life, and see what had become of him. I was prepared to steal another scene out of another favorite series of mine, only dress it up with Traveller goodness.

I haven't put down any named planets / systems because I wanted to stipulate the story over trying to keep in synch with the OT setting.

In spite of my obvious flubs I hope I've entertained some people. I'm not really sure where to go next, largely because I have so many ideas. That, and I'm feeling a little lazy right now.

I'm thinking Zho, K'Kree or even Hiver space. Maybe I'll go back in time again and revisit Aslan country. Ah, the privileges of youth ... for Aston that is

With 3009 views as of this writing, the nonsense I've posted has got to be interesting to someone. At some point I may try to publish reworked versions of these as generic scifi ... maybe maybe-not. As per Dr. Hanami's admonition "You shouldn't be giving it away for free!" I suddenly, I felt so cheap, lol.

Well, we'll see. I've got a busy schedule of taking naps, playing Age of Empires, and cruising the net this weekend. Anything can happen.
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