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Starship Operations:
Sensors pg 150

"Under normal circumstances, an Electronics (sensors) check is all that is required to detect and identify a target that has moved into range of sensors." This should probably be a step at the beginning of starship combat. You cant fight an opponent you cannot detect.

Shouldn't sensor have some DMs based on distance and emissions/size of the opposing vessel?

Starship Combat

Sensor Lock (Sensor Operator)
"An improved target lock may be obtained on an enemy spacecraft with a successful Electronics (sensors) check. Attacks made by the spacecraft against this target gain a
Boon until the sensor lock is broken (see Electronic Warfare)."

Is this a Sensor Lock, or an Improved Target Lock. Call it one thing.
It should be subject to the DMs noted below. Is there any defense to this? Opposed pilot roll or EW roll?

Electronic Warfare (Sensor Operator)
"A ship’s sensor operator may attempt to jam the communications of an enemy by making an opposed Electronics (comms) check against the sensor operator in the target spacecraft. The same process may be used with the Electronics (sensors) skill to break a sensor lock."
Suggest Computer Model/Number as DMs for both sides. Range and EM should not apply.

Suggest the following:

Electronics (sensors) DMs
Adjacent +4
Close 10km +2
Short 1,250km +0
Medium 10,000km -2
Long 25,000km -4
V. Long 50,000km -6
Distant 50,000km+ -8

Vessel EM Signature:
Nil -4
Faint -2
Moderate +0
Strong +2

Computer Model. Add computer model/number as a DM to sensor checks.

EM signatures:
Nil: Military vessels up to 400 tons.
Faint: Small craft and commercial vessels up to 200 tons. Military vessels 400-1,000 tons.
Moderate: Commercial vessels 300 to 1000 tons, military vessels over 1,000 tons.
Strong: Commercial vessels over 1,000 tons, military vessels over 10k tons, orbital stations, beacons, etc.
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