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Space Combat [REVISED]
pg 154.

There is no mention of actually "detecting" nor "tracking" and enemy ship.

Critical Hit effects.
There are no listed entries that reduce, rather than disable, Sensors, Jump drives or maneuver drives.

For a "crit" an effect of 6 and inflicting damage is required.
Size of the vessel doesn't play in to this? So the same weapon is as likely to crit an 800 ton cruiser as a scout ship.

"The severity of the crit is equal to the damage..divided by 10."

One beam laser has no chance of a crit (1D hits). IN order to score a crit on an AV2 ship, you must first roll an effect of 6+, and do enough damage to bypass armor, normally 2. Rolling max damage with a beam laser, with a crit effect of 6, nets us 12 points, -2 AV leaves 10 points which divided by 10= a single severity 1 crit. The odds of this are very very small. It requires at least 5 beam lasers (1D +1/add'tl laser) to reliably inflict enough damage to score a crit on an AV2 ship. Avg die roll of 3, +6 crit effect, + 4 for additional lasers. How do you get 5+ lasers on a single target? Unless you allow synchronising multiple turrets, the most you can get is three in a triple turret. So only bays or pulse lasers or missiles will reliably inflict crits, and even then generally only severity 1 or 2.

5 beam lasers should shred a smaller ship.

One Pulse laser has a better chance of inflicting a crit, while a missile is even much more likely.

In the rules as written, a 100t scout with 2 points armor and a 800t Merc Cruiser with 2pts armor both require an effect of '6' and at least 6 points of damage to achieve a severity 1 crit. (6+6-2=10/10=1). 7 points (+6) for a severity 2, 17 (+6) points for a severity 3, etc.

Id like to consider a system that factors in hull size when calculating crits, where smaller ships take more severity, and larger ship take less.

If we use the Hull factor, where 100t is 1, 200 is 2, etc, and reduce the crit threshold from 1/10 to something like:
< 100 tons
100 t 1/2
200 t 1/4
300t 1/6
400t 1/8
500t 1/10
600t 1/12
700t 1/14
800t 1/16
900t 1/18
1000t 1/20

In the suggested rules , a 100t scout with 2 points armor would on an effect of '6' and at least 1 point of damage suffer a severity 2 crit. (6+1-2=5/2=2). 4 points for a severity 3, 6 points for a severity 4, etc.

Our 800 Merc Cruiser, on the other hand with 2 points armor would on an effect of '6' require at least 12 point of damage to suffer a severity 1 crit. (6+12-2=16/16=1). 28 points for a severity 2, 44 points for a severity 3, etc.

Much more scaled.

Suggest that rather than being disabled, locations are reduced in effectiveness by one level per crit severity.

Weapon: "Random weapon disabled" Does this mean a turret or just one weapon within a turret?

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