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Starship Operations


As worded, the cost to repair any system is based on the Engineer roll to repair it.
Shouldn't the engineer know what he needs in parts BEFORE he fixes it?

Repairs will never require more than 1 ton of spare parts to fix? wait what?

I suggest that the Severity of the hit have a static parts cost as listed on the Critical Hit repair table (inverted). the Engineer check should only affect the amount of time required to repair it.

In addition, a negative effect should increase the parts required and the time required to affect the repair.


Critical Hit Repair
Severity of Hit Engineer Check DM Cost of repairs
1 +2 1Dx10,000 Cr
2 +0 2Dx10,000Cr
3 -2 3Dx10,000Cr
4 -4 4D6x10,000Cr
5 -6 5D6x10,000Cr
6 -8 6D6x10,000Cr

Critical Hit Repair
Engineer Effect Time required
6+ 1D-3 hours reduce parts cost by 20%
1-5 1D hours reduce parts cost by 10%
0 1D+1 Hours
-1 2D Hours
-2 --5 2D+2 Hours and Increase cost by 20%
-6+ 3D hours and Increase cost by 50%
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