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Weapons pg. 73

Range: Short Range. "If a target lies within a quarter of a weapons range.."
"Long range: If a target is beyond the weapons range, but less than twice the range.."

Seriously? We have to calculate these for every weapon? If this is a thing, it should just be listed in the weapon data. And these should have space on the character sheet.

And why is the range x4, x2, and x4? Why not consistent at x2 or x4?

I though the point of 2e was to eliminate most calculations for a simpler game?

Short Range: 25% Range. [10m]
Range: as listed [40m]
Long Range: 200% Range [80m]
Extreme: up to 400% Range. [320m]

Wouldn't it be simpler to list the short range and double from there?

Short Range: 10m
Medium or Effective Range: 4* Short = 40m
LongRange: 2* Effective = 80m
Extreme: 4* Long = 320m

Suggest : Establish close range and quadruple each band from there.

Short: 10m
Medium: 40m
Long: 160m
Extreme: 320

Its close enough and easier to calculate linearly.
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