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Originally Posted by Eamonn View Post
I apologise if this is posted elsewhere but what do folks think about this announcement:
I'm sure it'll be good, but the press release didn't scan well:
  • They say for the past 10 years there were only reprints available. That ignores T20 and GT unless you limit the scope of the statement to CT ... but that still ignores BITS products (that are system agnostic).

  • They say their aim is to halt the fragmentation of Traveller. Yet they are releasing a game system shortly after and separate from T5 (albeit a subset of T5). They'll release it under an OG licence and support non-OTU backgrounds. How does that halt fragmentation? And what does that mean for T20 and GT, are those licences to be cancelled?

Slightly confusing. More so for people not as familiar with Traveller's publishing history (potential new players).

Regards PLST

[EDIT]Okay, QLI's status was answered while I was writing this.

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