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Originally Posted by mike wightman View Post
The Lynch version is a great film - but it isn't Dune. I very rarely watch it these days. If it is on a movie channel I will skip it unless there is absolutely nothing else to watch, and even then the chances are Venom will just be watched for the nth time.

It takes too many liberties with the plot and characters, and the ending is just cringeworthy; I walked out of the theatre without watching the credits roll the first time I saw it.

The TV series was a better adaptation of the book, but it too had its flaws in the casting and acting department. If it is on I will watch it.
The TV miniseries is tighter to the text only in the Dialogue. It gets the colors all wrong, the still suits hang and move wrong, the uniforms not as described, Irulan is present way too early (in the book, she only shows up as a biographer being quoth and in the final showdown), and Paul's not asinine enough towards her. She becomes important in the later books, not in the initial book. Likewise, the seitches' outdoor activities are ONLY at night in the book; that daytime sietch market scene was just totally made up by the director of the miniseries.

As for casting it? I think the miniseries only got right the casting for Irulan, Vladimir, and Jessica...

From the trailer, we can see that every scene in the trailer compares just shy of 1 to 1 with the De Laurentis/Lynch version... and in each case, is closer to the book's descriptions. We also don't see a weirding module.

I expect the fanbase to be arguing the relative merits 20 years from now between the 3 and another relaunch of the property.

That said, Brian Herbert has supposedly approved all the changes in the movie, and the colors are at least mostly correct. The Ornis have flapping wings. The shields are conformal, as they should be.
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