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Originally Posted by kafka47 View Post
Just curious, what do other Refs (and non Munchin players can also respond) allow for Personal Equipment for a bunch of low level free traders?

Equipment can be culled from any version Traveller as it is circa 1115 (sans Rebellion).

Not so much in terms of what will fill a Ship's Locker (which I know already) but the personal stuff that makes life interesting.
The character I generated for the legendary TML PBeM ( ) was a retired rank 4 bureaucrat (sort of law enforcer) who'd been traveling for a couple of years before the game started, so he was perhaps a notch up on a low level free trader, but his equipment list might nevertheless be of some interest.

Edmonsens personal equipment from his home planet and his months
of travelling (Initial funds: Cr. 22.200 (15.000+ a Mid passage)

Item                            Price   Location

Gunbelt                          15 Cr     Waist
Comdot/Multiplexer-14           200 Cr    Throat
Communicator-14                 500 Cr      Belt
Gauss Pistol                     *           "
Hand Computer-13               1000 Cr    L. Arm
Lighter, electric                10 Cr    Pocket
Pocket Tool Kit                  15 Cr     -"-
5 stick strips                   10 Cr     -"-
Wallet w. money and keys          ?        -"-
Pocket knife (swiss army style)   ?        -"-
Several hankerchiefs              ?        -"-
Credcart w. ca. 18.980 Cr         -       Wallet
Approx 30 kg of clothes           -      Luggage
Language translator-14          800 Cr     -"-
    Several memclips             50 Cr     -"-
A number of holocrystals**        ? Cr     -"-
Combination Mask-14             200 Cr     -"-
Goggles, Light Intensifier-10   400 Cr     -"-
Flashlight-6                     20 Cr     -"-
    Extra batteries              10 Cr     -"-
Thermos Bottle, 2 l.              ?        -"-
Messkit (plate&cutlery)           ?        -"-
10 emergency rations             20 Cr     -"-
Personal grooming kit            45 Cr     -"-
Sidearm Cleaning Kit             35 Cr     -"-

* Mustering out benefit
** Contains his library: 10.000+ works of fiction and 1.000+
   reference works, mostly historic and sociological.
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