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I was flipping through my Star Wars cards the other day, old nerd that I am, and I was thinking that perhaps Traveller Cards might be a fun way to encapsulate Traveller information.

For example:

A set of Starship cards, with a four-color, rendered starship on half the card, its name and abbreviated stats on the front, and maybe more details on back.

Question: What kind of starship stats would be most efficiently useful for the front of such a card?

Similarly, a set of Personal equipment cards, with a nice pic of one of Traveller's myriad guns, its name and some stats on the front (damage, range, ???). Or battledress. Or medikit.

Or, how about a set of Character cards, with either generic career-based character profiles and titles, or very specific adventurers drawn from published (Traveller) material? Less useful, perhaps, but a large enough set of character images might be useful for creating a player character's dossier -- a face card, a skill list, a TAS membership card, and equipment cards.

Or, finally, how about World cards, with a nice, rendered world disc, a name, very terse description, and a UWP?

As a lark, for personal amusement, I mocked up a few handfuls of Traveller Trading Cards, using art from CT, MT, TNE, and beyond. Nine of the cards are here:
Imperiallines magazine
My Helpful Stuff for Traveller5
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