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Originally Posted by aramis View Post
Small problem there - The USCG has (since 1920-something) had real-time communications with base on almost all cutters. So they CAN CHECK to see if you're a known/recurrent in the area, wanted elsewhere, etc.

Barring actual hard-schedule lines (which may be as low as 9 day cycles, or as high as 14 day cycles), nothing from out of system is known locally unless data was sent earlier. Which would likely go in the form of being along the mail route, anyway.

A lot should also depend upon the law level. If one treats the rules as procedural representations of the imposed setting...

Remembering the Reactions Table:
2Violent. Immediate attack.
3Hostile. Attack on 5+.
4Hostile. Attack on 8+.
5Hostile. May attack.
12Genuinely friendly.

And TTB has this on page 84:
Law level is also the general throw
to avoid harassment by police or other law enforcement agencies. For example,
on a world with law level 4, the throw to avoid arrest when encountering an
enforcement agent such as a customs official or policeman is 4+.
A more nuanced approach is on page 99 of TTB:
The referee should throw once per day for legal encounters (throw local law level or less to avoid an encounter).
If an encounter is called for, a local enforcer will stop the adventurers and require identification. The referee should roll for the enforcer's reaction as well, using adverse reactions as an indication of greater harassment, and positive reactions as a potential source of rumors, assistance, or patrons.
In which case, using CT 2E (TTB), each day there's 2d6≤LL chance of encounter with law. A Type T is the likely result.
This is vaguely likely to be in addition to the (expected) customs at docking/landing. And separate from the types T in space encounters. (who, when not pirate, might be private fast yachts, or off-to-maintenance system patrols, or even licensed privateers.

Note that Cops ALSO use the reactions table - but read "Attack" as "try to find and/or provoke a reason for arrest"; a 2 is likely "Arrest and plant evidence" if the players cannot modify/mollify them quickly... And ready willingness (as evidenced with Liaison) is likely to modify their reaction roll.

That is really useful information thanks.

With odern databases yeah the current coast guard has that information on it's screen before you even realize your being tracked.

Back in m day ( bad crusty ol' codger voice) It was a bit harder to have that information. It wasn't centralized, and regulations were a lot looser than current it was a bit more like the wild west with seagulls.

the Captain of a cutter could call in for a registry check, and get the basics, tonnage, captain, owner etc..if they had a reason to be suspicious they might get a general "of interest" flag.

I imagine the same info could be relayed by X-boat in a mail package and distributed to patrol ships as they check in...but other that that yep, not a clue you just shot up a trade station, and made off with fifty dTons tons of refined radioactives.

And the way you describe interactions with customs/inspection vessels is roughly accurate

In one case they knew that someone on the supply boats was delivering Pot to workers on the oil rigs our company was contracted to re-supply. so For months every time we turned around we got boarded , given a top to bottom search, and met those not-so-cheerful lads with the M-16s on a less than casual basis.

other times a cutter wold just cruise by casually give us a look over sound it's air horn a couple of times, wave and be on it's way.

Then there was the time A cutter Captain my Brother in law knew well pulled up and over the loud speaker we hear" Heeyyyyy Blevins I hear you have a fast boat...lets see how fast."

You would not believe how fast one of those big cutters can move...we were empty at the time so we gave him a really good run. And, Fortunately they haven't came up with no drag racing rules for ocean going craft at the time.

So basically yeah, sometimes the cops are friendly and polite, sometimes they are all business, on a bad day they are looking to haul your butt to lockup....and sometimes they are just bored and looking for an excuse to cut up a little.
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