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A good idea of how that works is the coast guard...If you linger in an area too long, or are a frequent presence in an area outside of normal traffic patterns you get boarded.

My brother-in-law was a skipper on a work boat. We had an odd route that took us through areas frequented by drug smugglers. and other les than savory types. It also had us loitering.

There are standard compliance inspections, to make sure everyone's papers are in order. And in areas where smuggling is a problem they will board and inspect for contraband. But mostly, they pick ships that are operating outside the Norm.

If you are a fairly routine traveler, and not in a system where there is trouble, or you haven't been tagged for routine inspection..( figure that's an annual event) You wont see much of an inspection ship other than watching it sail by giving you a casual once over.
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