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Default 600-ton frigate

600-ton frigate

The frigate is intended to escort warships and perform military duties, unlike the corvette and corvette escort with mainly deal with piracy. The frigate is still not well-armed or -armored, but does have some punch with it's particle beam barbettes. It has a socket for one 30-ton module, allowing it to be customized slightly for specific missions.

The frigate has maneuver drive-M, jump drive-J and power plant-M, giving Jump-3 and 4G acceleration. 234 tons of fuel supports the power plant for 6 weeks and one Jump-3. Six fuel processors are installed. A Model 4/fib and Model 2/fib computers and very advanced electronics are located in the bridge. There are 18 staterooms and 3 emergency low berths, Two armouries and two briefing rooms are also provided. The ship has six hardpoints, with four triple beam laser turrets and two particle accelerator barbettes. Two 20-ton launches are carried for boarding actions and general duties. A modular socket for one 30-ton cutter module is installed. The ship is equipped with repair drones and 5 probe drones. Cargo capacity is 26 tons. The ship is streamlined, has stealth and has armor 4.

Crew consists of a commander, first officer, 3 pilots, navigator, medic, 3 engineers, 6 gunners, 4 small craft crew and 10 marines. The ship costs MCr 450.24 with small craft.
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