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Default 7 February 1890 News Flashes

More News Flashes for the Timerover51 Space: 1889 Campaign

Washington, D.C, Capitol News Service: February 7, 1890.

Secretary of State James Blaine received from the Belgian Ambassador to the United States a formal note of protest over the recent sale of U. S. Civil War-era artillery to the government of Thymiamate and possible sales to the Tossian Empire on Mars, calling it “an affront” to all right-thinking European governments. When Secretary Blaine pointedly asked the Ambassador if the protest was from the Belgian government or King Leopold, the Ambassador reluctantly admitted that is was from King Leopold in his capacity of private citizen and not in his capacity as head of the Belgian government. Secretary Blaine then indicated that he was unaware of any Declaration of War between King Leopold and either the Tossian Empire of Mars or the city-state of Thymiamata, which is any case is quite far from the nearest Belgium territory. He further stated that the weapons were not of the newest model, and were sold in the furtherance of U. S. good trade relations with all of the powers on Mars. Secretary Blaine did not indicate what the U. S. had received for the weapons, but it is suspected that Liftwood and Gumme from the Tossian Empire comprised part or most of the payment. Anything beyond a protest from the Belgium monarch is viewed as inconceivable given the limited military and naval power of Belgium.
Washington, D.C, Capitol News Service: February 7, 1890.

Captain Alfred Mahan, whose recent book, The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, 1660-1783, has caused such a stir in naval circles, called today for the US Navy to build at least 9 fast aerial scouts, for service on the Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific coasts, in order to assist the limited number of US naval vessels and aerial ships in locating and engaging any enemy forces threatening the US.
London, England: February 7, 1890

The Royal Geographic Society has announced today the discovery of several extraordinarily large “energy crystals” on Mercury which have been brought to Earth for additional study. While not able to produce as much power on Earth as they would on Mercury, it is hoped that careful scientific study will reveal the secret of these crystals so as to provide a power source fueled by the sun.
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