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Small Starburst Caugis [FARS 1024]

Caugis [FARS 1024], B 543 420-A.
Ni Po 902 Im G8V D {+1} (532+2) 60 [157F] B Settlers 9 0.63G Planet.

Remarks: "On paper" as they still say in the distant future is has a rather small population about 90,000 sophont Citizens of the Imperium. (Since the world is TL-A and has technological infrastructure to build and maintain Jump Drives it is a Member State of the Imperium. Those that can't do so are Client States.) They think it small because they miss the local significance of having a Government Type 2 or Participating Democracy. The Caugislings (the plural form for citizens of their world) form of a participating democracy means adhering to a code that includes service to the state, in this case their world and the Imperium and their fellow Citizens of the Stars. Much of Caugis' actual population is off-world either in the Imperial Armed Forces (whether active Army, Navy, Marines, Scouts and the rare Space Guard) or Attached National Forces (ANFs). Those not enrolled in government forces are found in the better mid-level mercenary companies, some of which are headquartered on Caugis. If the actual number of native Citizens of the Imperium that are listed on the Census Rolls were actually all resident on the world then Caugis would have a Population 5 or hundreds of thousands.

About seventy-five or so of those participating citizens were pulling duty in one of Caugis' many ANFs, the 25th Lift Infantry Recon Company, attached to the 2d Recon Battalion of the 7th IPKF stationed on what was still then Pixiant after the Second Rebellion ended (182 PI) in an armistice with the rebels and the Imperial Guaranteed Provisional Government where they would get representation. They did get their demands but the Imperium reserved the right to chose those representatives to the new provisional government and tended not to favor the more radical rebel elements obviously. Also obviously those same radicals used this as an "example of the constant oppression by occupying Imperial forces and denied our rights as Citizens" to start the Third Rebellion. It was during this rebellion that the 25th who had been issued the weapons from a Threts factory without having been device conditioned experienced major malfunctions that cost the lives of half the effective strength of the unit. Needless to say this did not go well at home and shortly there after their Senator raised the issue with Imperial High Command, who then had it out with the Threts executives. Threats of Senate investigations and civil lawsuits for negligence caused the corporation-wide raise in its minimum manufacturing standards.

They vote in everything! Well, okay that may be the popular saying, but there is truth to it. For example when a ship lands it and the crew are given a "Party Identity" and are expected to "campaign" for better pricing on everything from berthing and fuel fees to supply costs to gaining passengers. Needless to say, ad/campaign management agencies do big business here and there are agencies completely devoted to running campaigns for Travellers. Most are indeed honest if of average results, the rest hover on both its ends of the spectrum; good and bad.
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