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Small Starburst Poldi [FARS 1023]

Poldi [FARS 1023], D 312 6B6-7.
S Ic Na Ni - 912 ImpC K6 V K0 V {-3} (852+2) 160 [5828] B Settlers 15 0.25G Planet.

Scout Base: 18th Scout Regiment

Remarks: The survivors of an Interregnum era Imperial Navy Assault Cruiser, INS Poldi (CA-3753) supposedly lost in jump and written off, reside here in the salvaged remains of their ancestors' crashed starship. One of the last battle class starships of galactic tech and tremendous size it was a terrible loss for the crumbling Imperium, however it was these assets that allowed the survivors to construct the habitats that still, barely, shelter the ancestors of the original mishap. The survivors where discovered when a Scout expedition was investigating what they thought to be ruins. Sadly for salvagers it appears all the famed galactic tech has degraded beyond use and repair, the natives having created an astonishing array of various tech levels to keep themselves alive as a result of these failures. The resulting society has since expanded the original habitat areas with a web of tunnels throughout (both horizontally and vertically) the small, almost airless world they live in.

Because there is no longer working galactic tech the residents will gladly trade relics and pieces of galactic tech that no longer functions for goods of all sorts from high tech household goods to luxury items, art, food, and liquor to hydro and areoponic systems and supplies. They like the Bibickians of Redsm pay well for good top soil for growing plant life (which they test rigorously before purchase with devices the Scouts helped them obtain).

The government is non-charismatic dictatorship which came to power when the government changed due to a successful mutiny (called such as the residents still keep to a Navy style of law). The current Admiral of Poldi was put in power when the old Admiral was beginning to regulate trade and put in place certain restrictions on what could be traded to Travellers, this was very unpopular with the Quartermasters Division who hold the monopoly on trade within the state and with Travellers. They with the backing and help of the Engineering Division who control power and life support managed to keep the Marine Division out of the coup by splitting their loyalties between state and leader. By the time the Marines had made their decision, the mutiny was over and the Quartermaster-Captain Quincella Longjarns was "Promoted" to Admiral of Poldi. What makes her government so unpopular is that she reinstated her predecessor's restrictions shortly after obtaining office. While she both publicly and privately maintains that she didn't have access to all the information and now she understands why the previous Admiral put the new regulations in place, and she may in fact be required to put further restrictions in place. This is seen by the other Divisions as a play to tighten the monopoly of her former Division who see her as a traitor to their ideas of freer trade with Travellers not less. She has maintained power by beginning to loosen the Quartermasters Division's monopoly on trade some basic goods, mostly foodstuffs and household goods.
Lord Craig A. Glesner, PC,
Seventh Captain of the Imperial Guard, CO (O3) D Trp/3 Sqdn/4518th LIR,
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