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Small Starburst Shesser [FARS 1223]

Shesser [FARS 1223], E 685 400-8.
Ga Lo Amber 923 {-3} (610+1) 12 [3196] B Transients ImpC F8 V 8 0.75G Planet.

Remarks: Shesser is known in the Imperium as a planet of hustlers who take great pleasure in dealing with Travellers but have to be watched or they will cheat you some way.

This in not entirely true. Most of the type who are dishonest tend to cluster around the starport line because the rest of society had enough of them already and sent them to fend for themselves. Once you get into the various communities on Shesser and spend sometime time there cultivating the connections a Traveller can build a rather fine business in botany and automated agriculture wares. This can require a long time and it takes many years, decades and some say lifetimes to build real bonds of trust and friendship with the Families, but is well worth the journey to certain Travellers.

AMBER: The sophonts on this world hold to no standard laws. Law such as there are can be very quick and arbitrary. There are no Imperial authorities currently resident planet-side. Travellers land here at their own risk understanding that the Imperium will make every possible effort to recover you or your remains (most likely via a polite note from a Deputy Undersecretary of Client Affairs).

The local “starport” is a Navy rated Beacon. The Scouts had to stop leaving the standard Astrogation Beacon as the “locals” would strip them down for parts. The current Beacon is buried in a nuke hardened bunker. It is defended by a section of Marine-bots held in a vault within silo for emergencies. Travellers are warned to stay well clear (500m) of the Beacon when landing and planet-side.


A sparesly populated garden world, Shesser is mostly populated by farmers who are standoffish to new folks. These are sophonts looking for the simple uncomplicated life compared to those of the Core worlds. The mix of the almost one thousand sophonts who call Shesser home is predominately human and Edendextu with a scattering of other species.

The bare hexagonal landing pad has a TL-8 kiosk for information, a couple of repurposed cargo containers serve as the Port Authority office (which may or may not be staffed, call ahead and the staff is notified), and there is a laser-sheet fence surrounding the area, all of which were put in place by the Banner Bohen at the request of the locals who he trades with. Also within the fence is the Navy rated Beacon, which replaced the old one that was regularly stripped down by the less savory elements of Shesser society. A small cluster of dining establishments, trade houses, warehouses, and other assorted startown amenities crowd around the gate of the Port.

The startown has maybe two to three hundred sophonts of which some fifty or so are outright criminals with another hundred or so hustlers rounding out the bad elements. The rest of the population are honest people trying to make a living. They tend to run the shops and food stands or restaurants. A Traveller with the right Letter of Introduction might be able to begin forming the kind of close relationship required to do business with the farming community. Recommendations from the Banner or Banneret Bohen pull great weight with Shesserites as both nobles have been responsive to requests for aid.

While there is no written laws, Shesserites do have a series of unwritten codes of conduct. If one lands and expects to run riot on the unsuspecting startown and get away with it, they will quickly find that the locals do generally observe the ethical norms regarding killing and felony crimes against sophonts or property. Also, if things get particularly rambunctious the Imperial Knight of Shesser is said to respond with BattleDress, armed with a neural stun rifle with a squad of combat armored, gauss rifle toting attendants. All on grav-belts of course, military grav-belts; high-g, agile, maybe have personal screens. While the Imperial Knight can arrest and hold persons for extradition to Bohen for trial or further processing, they have no authority to try individuals not of their order so must transfer any detainees to Bohen. As the Imperial Knight of Shesser does not have access to a starship they will often charter Travellers to make such transfers when a ship from Bohen or elsewhere is not expected for some time. The pay is KCr 12 per sophont transfered, however there haven't been problems for some time so Travellers are not advised to count on that income.
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