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Small Starburst Bohen [FARS 1224]

Bohen [FARS 1224], C 666 656-8.
Local Time: 1200 (360-0195 PI).

Bohen is an agricultural world with a small population and Banner with a long view. Located in the rimward end of Greater Empty, part of the Lonely Trio (Shesser [FARS 1223], Bohen [FARS 1224], and Camp Oftsy [FARS 1323]) it has the only local starport worth anything. While it is a only a Class C port it does boast a newly completed high port, Bohen Heights which orbits above Bohen Downs (or as it is already being referred to by the locals as "the Old Port"). The world does a brisk trade in agricultural goods and has a trade agreement with its neighbor Shesser. Shesser's extremely small community specializes in rare grains and other ag goods and have good relations with the Banner.

Said Banner, Lord von Ryer is the 10th of his linage to hold the title since the founding of the Permatic Imperium and has designs to bring his world into the larger scale of interstellar trade. He has invested and was mostly responsible for the building of the high port to allow unstreamllined bulk carriers to visit without having to bring their own smallcraft. He's got a contract with Camp Ofsty to supply them with foodstuffs, and he's invested as partner in Fliskin Transport. He is eager to bring trade and colonists to his world and he's put the word out in the Traveller circles and so it has come to you.

Thus it stands as you, freshly Mustered Out of your Imperial service, step off the highport courtesy shuttle on to the concrete of the port having arrived at Bohen Downs with an invitation to the see the Banner at his Manor a few days before Holiday, or New Year's Eve as the Terran traditionalist call it.

It is noon and Ryersville, the largest urban site on the world boasts more than the 50K population than is listed in the old guides and around the port it is bustling and the aromas of various food carts just outside the Line and the crowds around them show that noon here is still prime eating time.

The day is new and the world is open.

Remarks: Sir Wilfred von Ryer, 10th Banner Bohen has been doing much to increase the value of his holdings and those of his constituents. This world is still roomy as most of the population is spread across it in various agricultural arenas that support the planet. The Banner is said to offer excellent conditions for those who chose to settle there. So far the results appear to be paying off. The Banner is also the leader of the world’s feudal technocracy which enjoys the support of the people due to the new wealth created by access to the interstellar markets created by the just completed construction of the highport, Bohen Heights. Supporting this addition to Bohen Downs, the Main starport will hopefully lead to the planet developing the infrastructure to support starships, currently they have only local planetary travel systems in place.

This sudden burst of wealth is actually being drawn from the Banner's Privy Purse as the Peer attempts to bring this world into the interstellar sphere. It is also costing the Banner some political capital as well. It so far has resulted in the building and maintenance of the highport Bohen Heights, a Class C Starport. This starport has become the center point of budding interstellar trade. The wines, alcohols, oils, dried foods, cheeses, and grains of this planet are seeing rise in export across the stars. The Banner's ventures may yet pay well for its investors.

There is Knight of the Empire in service here and the Order maintains a Chapter House here. The local Banneret Agnes hault-Smith is said to be a Patron of the Chapter House and has a Page of the Order on her Household Staff.

The Banner Bohen’s residence is a working farm/ranch roughly 50 Km southeast from the central city and the down port.

The Banner Bohen has several vehicles in his baronial fleet including a 6-person grav limo (for important guests), a couple of surplus G-Carriers (a mobile Command Post and a utility carrier), plus 4 combat cars (militarized air/rafts). All except the limo are off doing various errands. At this time they are dealing with the recent landings by the Imperial Navy. Mostly they are trying to get new shipments together to fulfill there off-world contracts with the merchant factors. How the Banner (who has only held the fief for some two years after the assassination of his uncle, the previous Banner, and was elevated out of the Imperial Navy) feels about this is unknown at this time.

There is a "French" Edendextu vineyard about 30 straight line from Bohen Downs to banner's ranch. The residents speak French or as it is spoken by non-human aliens thousands of years distant both by light and time. The vineyard is hoping to make it into the interstellar trade. Right now they are local.

Exports: Meats, wines, alcohols, oils, dried foods, cheeses, and grains. The world also is under contract with Redsm [FARS 0925] to provide them with soil for growing both food and decorative plants.

Imports: High technology infrastructure, tool manufacturing systems, computers, and colonists. They have also recently begun to import starship components and shipyard equipment suitable for atmosphere and surface use.

Transport on Bohen: A grav-taxi is (Cr 200 or Cr 2.5/Km for trips longer than 100 Km) and the bus (Cr 50, twice daily) will take one on a route that covers the city highlights, startown, the port, and then on to several rural stops including the Banner's Keep*.

Travellers' Aid Society Bohen does have a small TAS Hostel. It is located just outside the XT line, in fact you can see it from the taxi stand as it is directly across from Bohen Downs.

Library Data B – Bohen Riesling 150.

A semi-dry white wine of some standing in the finer circles this vintage has only recently come to the awareness of the general wine drinking public. What was decades ago a reasonably price wine (Cr 25 to 50 per bottle) has in recent times become more expensive vintage (Cr 75 to Cr 250 per bottle) as it has been discovered and consumed by members of the Imperial Court. The Jump-2 gap between Bohen and its nearest neighbors makes it difficult for the average Jump-1 Free Trader to get a hold of a few cases so it isn’t seen as often as some wines that are more easily acquired.

Library Data M – Martinique of Bohen.

Known on Bohen as a Tailor of great craftsmanship. If you are looking for excellent tailoring, might I suggest Martinique of Bohen? He recently did a suit for His Excellency Rudolf Interhaus, the Count Jowern and has done a few suits for His Majesty, The Emperor as well.

* A Keep is the term used for what in the OTU would be a Barony. As a Baron in the ATU of the Permatic Imperium is styled a Banner their holding needed a new title as well. Because the title of Banner has a military origin (it was a junior officer rank in the old Imperial Army) the holding became a Keep.

A Note Regarding Law Level

Non-lethal weapons such shock-sticks or electro-knuckles are also prohibited as they are considered augmented melee weapons and a provocation. The theory being that the weapons can still be used in a harmful manner without the stunning capability.

While the world is Law Level-6 which allows open carry of small arms such as pistols like many worlds that is for those areas outside of urban zones while in the wilderness. Inside the urban zones most worlds, Bohen included, prohibit open carry of any weapons while inside the settled areas of the world. It is rather like being able to have a rifle on a farm but bringing into town is frowned upon.

Lethal weapons are allowed outside the limits of Ryersville but not within them, nor are they allowed in the Banner's Keep though exceptions may be made with the Banner's permission. Permits for lethal weapons may be requested from the local authorities for carry outside city limits.

Rumor 45.

From a Merchant or Scout. The Banner is beginning to turn his world towards using its Ag produce to do things like build natural fiber composite vehicles. He needs to build up the world's infrastructure to do so, as the programs for CAD/CAM are much better than those Bohen can currently create natively. He is looking to market the custom crafted vehicles to various world's and patron's across the Imperium.
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