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Default [Referee] It's simple really.

One, I was hand generating all the systems since I was testing the rules and since it is the only way I know to do it right. Also, programs don't bring the love rolling dice, not numbers, does.

Two, my ATU has a lot more aliens I just haven't had a chance to any except the Voodgi. They are out there and they may outnumber the humans.

And number three, they aren't humans, but Natives. Check the Extensions. There were at my last check well over a dozen alien Races in just the Far Stars alone, much less the Riftborne Domains or any of the Old Empires. So, if there are check the Alligence code. If it is Im then the Natives are Citizens, if it is Ic or an Imperial Client world then they are Subjects.

Hope that clears that up. Also, Vladika, ain't no such thing as impossible, just something that needs a good winging when the Ref is asked. And since I excel at ass pulling make believe I am pretty sure I am covered.

So, not impossible, just unlikely. Oh and. The resident humans are mix of Tibetians and Andians. Thin Atmo doesn't phase them. How's that rationale grab ya?
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