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Default (333-0199 PI) Muzil Central Highport, [FS 1826] Muzil.

(OOC Note: I'm presuming the X-Mail - Courier delay was one week here; I could of course edit the post if needed)

In one of the foyers of the Muzil Central Highport, a small crowd of scholars and officials has amassed. The majority are glancing upwards, towards the upper levels of the highport, which are currently unoccupied and quiet. Directly above them, at the very top of the highport, is a large dome of reinforced glass.
One of the aforementioned scholars, Djer Ursenev, who also happens to possess an Imperial Knighthood, is talking to several of his colleagues while waiting for several key officials to arrive.
'From the dome, a telescope would be free of light pollution from cities on the surface, but would still rotate with the planet and thus observe a full 360 degrees of space,' Djer explains.
A minor official from the starport walks by and interjects: 'Well, at least, it would give those upper floors a purpose.' He, and someone behind him, laugh, while the scholars nearby merely nod.
Suddenly, a "BING" sound announces the arrival of a nearby elevator, and out rushes Andrew Wath, an Assistant Professor of Astronomy at the University of the Thirteen Towers. A few minutes ago, he had left the congregation in order to look for the starport's directors, who had been scheduled to arrive at the meeting.
'Hey, guys, there's an Imperial Courier headed this way. He's coming up one of the elevators right now. Usually there's some sort of announcement whenever they come, since they're so... prestigious. Do any of you know of any announcements like that?' Wath asks the group in general, frowning slightly.
'Maybe something to do with the directors?' the minor starport official suggests. Immediately, several of his colleagues starting talking in protest.
After about ten seconds, Djer Ursenev steps forward, and says: 'Hm, I received an X-Mail about a week ago which stated that I should expect an Imperial Courier. About what, I don't know. That might be why the Courier is here.'
Before anyone can respond to this statement, an elevator behind the group emits a loud "BING"...