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I am designing a specific world IMTU - a border-world between the Solar Triumvirate and the Matriarchate, which suffered from limited nuclear bombardment during the Matriarchate War (about 80-100 years before my campaign's start).

The world is a habitatable water-world, completely covered with water except for a few tiny islands (each no larger than a few square KM) and one large island, a 600 KM long and 75 KM wide strip of land. Before the war, most habitation was located on that large island - including the Class-D Starport, the main city and a large TL8 fission powerplant.

A Matriarchate raiding group targeted both the main city (which had several factories critical to the Triumvirate supply lines) and a large Triumvirate Marine camp on the other end of the island with one tactical nuke each (20 kiloton in yeald each). The starport, the powerplant and several smaller towns were attacked by conventional high-explosive bombs. This resulted in a major breach in the power plant, releasing even more radioactive fallout into the atmosphere.

What I want to know is:
1) What is the physical destructive radious of a 20-kton nuke? How will it look on a 750,000-resident startown?
2) How much fallout does such nuke produce? how much area does it cover?
3) How many of the original 3 million residents would perish from the nukes, radiation and fallout alone? Will fallout shelters be enough to protect those who had time to reach them (and how long do the survivors have to stay in the shelter)?
4) How large and how deadly is the contaminated zone created by the power-plant containment breach?
5) Can a new (semi-submerged) starport and aqua-arcology startown be safely constructed on the other side of the planet in a short time frame (a decade or two) after the attack?
6) How bad will be the contamination on the island now, about 80 years after the attack? Will parts of it be habitatable?
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