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Originally Posted by aramis View Post
note that the tonnages work out as 1 J3 drive, plus "fuel" for 1J3 and 1J2. The big advantage is that, with the two collectors, you can charge up both, and if you arrive in hostile space, jump out immediately upon noting the hostilities.
And it was designed under the first-edition rules, which required burning all Jump fuel regardless of the actual Jump range (a J3 drive doing only J-1 still used 30% of the ship's tonnage in fuel). Using two Jump Drives was a way to get around needing 6 parsecs of "fuel" capacity for a 5-parsec range.

"Jump Governors" that let you burn only 10% MJn fuel rather than all of the Jump fuel allocation showed up later, and later still they were just assumed into the rules.

Decades later, Marc retconned the Hieronymus Nexus business onto ANNIC NOVA. But the original reason for the dual drives was to work around a limitation in an obsolete rule set.
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