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Originally Posted by epicenter00 View Post
Just my 2 credits, from my own experience in running games at conventions:

* Keep it (very) simple. Four hours is not a long time. These players don't know you and don't know how you run games. You want themes and goals to be very obvious, because anything less obvious will be a complete mystery to your players.

* [chargen] is a timesink and it tends to dampen the mood.
I found the opposite to be true, probably because people are drawn to Traveller for a range of quasi-nostalgic reasons.

But, and I have to say this, the chargen I use is fast fast fast, I allot a full hour (!!) for it, and I use the process as both an introduction to Traveller and its rules, and a tool to weave the players into a team.

We have no traitors in the group, as you mention.

The players could all be prisoners of pirates looking to get away,
a team of archeologists,
a military unit
no clowns
All good suggestions. I've used all three in the past, and they're all fun. By the way, to date no-one has even hinted at being a clown... in the 'con games. I am not sure why. We will see what this 'con brings.

* have some thematic element that reinforces to players they're on the clock and they have to keep moving.
Good advice, thank you.

* For me "ruins of a long-dead empire" suggests mystery and exploration, two themes that don't work so well when the players are being pursued.
In other words, "why?" That's a good question. I'm trying to figure that out as well. It might just end up smelling like the actiony bits of an Indiana Jones movie.

[Alien ruins versus abandoned megacorporate office]
Point taken: Gamma World used things we understand innately to support a bizarre-o world. I have used megacorp installations before, to great effect. So did _Serenity_. I'll think about that.

By the way, I will still borrow/steal both of your descriptive texts.
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