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I ran the Quick Start adventure for a group of six players. It's a really great module!

I love the diversity of the characters (PCs and NPCs) and the complexity of the relationships in the factions on Ganymede Station. The adventure is set up kind of linearly, but they give you advice for how to handle it in a more sandbox fashion.

My group of players took things totally "out of order," but it all worked out great.

Also, they ended up pulling off a man-in-the-middle attack on a bank computer to convince a mob boss that she'd been paid her portion of the money; none of that was in the written adventure.

I ended up not really using any of the stunts in the game, as we had enough to deal with.

Traveller players will find the game fairly familiar. Instead of 2d6+stat+skill vs. target, it's 3d6+stat+skill bonus vs. target (where skill bonus is either +0 if you don't have the talent, or +2 if you do, like D&D 5e's proficiency bonus). Also, one of the 3d6 is a different color, and that's your Drama Die, which gets used in certain skill challenges ("if you succeed, add your drama die to the success pool, and if you can get the success pool to 10, you win the challenge").
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