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whartung, I guess my perspective is that I've had to fight for over 30 years to game the way I wanted to because I had some family overseas who are very religious, and lived in mortal fear of the big D&D scare back in the late 70s and early 80s. And I've had to literally fight to organize gaming sessions the way I wanted to, to enjoy the atmosphere and fiction that the games presented (like Traveller or SFB, what not), and now that I've been able to clamp down on these people (who had near infinite resources), I find, again upon superficial examination, that the material offered at the last few cons I went to, had been given a nice coat of paint, gone mainstream for the masses, but were not the genre nor strategic and tactical material that I wanted to engage in.

I don't want to bare too much of my soul here on a public forum, but it's like all these decades I can now finally game the way I want to, and the material offered isn't what I want, and it doesn't appear, at prima facia, to be what had been offered in the past.

In that vein it's part of why I haven't posted any fan fic.

So... wasps nests gone from outside the home, I managed to find all that archived SFB material (that truly was a natural high) I'm as skilled at Car Wars as I ever was (even if I am a bit forgetful...curses), I'm going on hiatus for bit.

No one plays Ice War, but loads of people still play Ogre and GEV. SFB isn't the space combat juggernaut it once was, but I still found all that unauthorized material that I thought was really cool.

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