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Default [Character Generation] Questions on Careers and Skills


long time no see. After some years of hiatus I am back, and I am happy to rejoin Traveller with Mongoose‘s New Traveller.

During the last weeks I have tried to wrap my head around the rules about character generation. Please be patient with me, if I repeat questions somewhere else on this forum.

Step 1: These rules are addressed by my questions:

- pg 14: This [pre career education] usually takes place in a Traveller‘s first term (in place of a career), ...
- pg 14: A Traveller can select university or military academy education, making a roll for successful entry. If this is failed, ... Further attempts can be made in terms two or three.
- pg 16: In each term you spend in a career, pick one of these tables and roll 1D to see which skill you increase.
- pg 16: For your first career only, you get all the skills listed in the Service Skills table at Level 0 as your basic training. For any subsequent careers, you may pick any one skill listed in the Service Skills table at Level 0 as your basic training.

Step 2: And these are my questions:

(1) Is it allowed for a Traveller to successfully choose and pass university more than once (maximum of three times/terms)? Or is a succssful entry in university a once in a lifetime thing prohibiting re-entry in university in any other term afterwards (same for military academy)?
(2) If a Traveller chooses university or military academy as a first term pre education career and successfully rolls for entry, and if afterwards the Traveller moves on in a standard career, does he receive all Service Skills at Level 0 as Basic Training, because it is the first Career? Or is it only one Service Skill at Level 0 as Basic Training, because the new career is supposed to be a subsequent career?
(3) In a Career, does a Traveller roll once for a Skill and additionally receive Basic Training in the same career term?
(4) About Basic Training: Does receiving one Service Skill at Level 0 in a subsequent career mean that a Traveller receives this only, if he switches careers? Or does this rule also apply, if the Traveller remains in the same career for subsequent term(s)?
(5) If a Traveller switches assignments within a career, is this a subsequent career in terms of basic training?

Thanks for any help or advise in advance.

Best wishes!
Liam Kerrington
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