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Default Eve of Rebellion PDF- a Traveller PvP political intrigue scenario

March Harrier Press have just published one of my TravCon adventures on DriveThruRPG:Eve of Rebellion

It's a one shot Traveller scenario about playing the very top of the social ladder in the Third Imperium (the Emperor, his heirs and potential usurpers) on the eve of the Rebellion. Its political, filled with intrigues and secrets has lots of PvP and player interactions, alliances and betrayals. Ever wondered wanted to play the Emperor himself or Duke Norris? This is the adventure to play. Have you been puzzled as to why Dulinor took his shot, or what Lucan was up to? This scenario gives you the chance to see it from their eyes. And who knows, maybe you seize the throne AND keep the Imperium together!

It is for a GM plus 4-5 players and is compatible with the Mongoose Traveller system

I've run it at TravCon twice and once at Seven Hills 2017 and people have enjoyed it:
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