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Sabredog, very interesting discussion of applied naval tactics. I particularly liked the idea of mounting missiles vice a laser on the launch. But the overall concept seems more suitable for a privateer (attacking enemy cargo ships) (or pirate) vice a pirate-hunter. Thinking along the lines of an adventure where you dangle bait for outlaw ships (Corsair, repurposed Free Trader) in a system that is having piracy problems. A pirate that would run from a Cutter might think a Yacht or Safari ship could be a rich plum (rich passengers and owner - and the ship itself) and therefore approach it. The pirate's boarding party can be met with a nasty surprise (well-armed party aboard the target), or the armed Launch can carry a boarding party to the pirate ship (and as Corsairs typically carry ten or less, a well-armed boarding party could take their vessel).
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