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A Yacht or Safari ship refitted for use a Q-ship or privateer ought to be able to carry two pop-up turrets, of which one can be loaded with triple sand launchers and the other with two lasers and a missile rack. The real ship killers in the game (on the adventure ship level) are missiles, so a burst of laser fire across the bow (or hitting something not too important using a good target select program) with the threat of a missile salvo if they don't heave to ought to work. At least with the average small cargo ship.

Especially with a small craft lurking around that is well-armed as well. You could even put the missile racks on the Launch (you can get three on it since they don't draw power) and arm the yacht's second turret with triple beam lasers.

Tactically, lasers are close range and missiles are long. So I'd have the launch stand off a good ways to make it hard to detect unless someone is really looking for it. Then unmask the yacht's turrets, fire a burst over the target's bow and demand surrender. If the target tries to make a run for it (or fight) then the yacht fires off three clouds of sand to neutralize the usual laser or two a ship might carry (but I guess that also depends on how dangerous your universe is) while having the Launch fire a missile or three (again, depending on the size and attitude of the target)....keeping the triple laser turret in reserve for anti-missile defense.

It's likely to cripple, and probably even effectively kill, the target if all three missiles hit. But, you can salvage what's left and when word gets around about it there will be more captains willing to comply with your demands and let the insurance companies sort it out. Of course, enterprising pirate hunters (of assorted legal ilk depending on what they think you are) will start showing up, but that just makes things even more fun.

Anyway, that's what I'd do but your mileage will vary. IMATU small traders don't usually carry weapons anyway, or if they do then it's just a laser and sand caster more often than not. I mean, shooting it out with pirates, privateers, and commerce raiders can get you aerosoled across your bridge deck pretty quick; best to let the ship's carrier/sponsor/insurance agent worry about it and just go home in one piece.
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