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You could give it a limo?

Daimler Lancer 8LS Limousine TL-9

600,000 CR

The Daimler Lancer series of town grav-cars is famous for its luxury standards and performance. The 8LS is the stretch limousine of the line and features seating in the rear for 6 passengers, a full entertainment suite, and full wet bar. The vehicle is fully enclose, but cannot fly to or from orbit. It does, however, have a full overpressure system as part of the environmental controls, along with filtration so that the passengers can ride in air conditioned comfort even on worlds with thin and tainted atmospheres.

The passengers in the rear compartment are separated from the front seats by a retractable partition and intercom system for driver. The vehicle datalink communications support all standard navigation control systems on worlds that prohibit driver-controlled flight over urban centers.

The Lancer 8LS comes in either hand-rubbed Piano Black or Ivory Cream lacquers with matching leather interiors that are trimmed with panels of hand-selected, deeply hazed, maroon Heffalump hide. Optional equipment for a sealed passenger environment is available.

Dimensions: 7.5mL x 1.6mH x 2.75mW Ship Tonnage: 6 tons

Speed: 250kph (150 kph NOE) Power Plant: Fusion

Fuel: 30 liters (10 hour range) Armor: Composite Laminates (Cloth for Classic Traveller)

Cargo Capacity: 2 cubic meters Passengers: 6 passengers/ + driver and front passenger
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