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Default IISS Waystation, Franklin Down Starport, Efate (local 0945, 275-1106)

Originally Posted by flykiller View Post
[Is this port enclosed or will she need breathing mask even here?]
[As with some other "tainted" atmos, the taint on Efate is not a particulate or pollutant, but simply a low partial pressure of oxygen in an atmo that is already at Thin pressure compared to what most Humans consider normal. The breath-masks required here are not actually filters but concentrators, concentrating the oxygen from the atmo and supplying this to the wearer to supplement atmospheric oxygen.]

[The whole port is not enclosed, that would be an enormous dome for a port this size. Hadn't thought about it but I expect that once you've closed your berth you can have standard atmo pumped in; otherwise why bother enclosing it? Then if you have individual standard-atmo facilities, probably most convenient to connect to those nearby via tunnel or passage. Don't actually need airlocks, due to the nature of the taint.]

[I would say that all of the WayStation facilities are probably connected by tunnels or passages. Then you'd want an enclosed vehicle or breath-mask to get over to the civilian port facilities or the ground component of the Naval Base.]

Lora can see from the connection diagram at the exit from her berth that she has been assigned a priority slot, barely a quarter-klick from the WayStation Admin office structure. It doesn't take long to walk. A flight of stairs back up to ground level, and after biometric ID verification she is quickly shown to the Commandant's office.

Spartan IISS furnishings have been personalized with mementos and holo blocks from a life in the field before moving to the Admin side. One thing decent Scout offices always have is plenty of shelf space; it is well known that these little bits of personalization can make the difference between many years of useful service, versus quick burnout from cycling through too many different worlds in one lifetime, in offices that all look the same.

The Commandant is studying something in the holo field over her desk when Lora is brought in; she absentmindedly waves Lora to a chair while her flicking fingers suggest a speed-reading of a large quantity of data, not visible from Lora's side of the desk. The Scout that brought Lora to the office asks if she'd like any refreshment; the other Scout seated in a chair just like Lora's politely asks for a refill on his drink.

In a few minutes the Commandant is finished, and as her assistant (the Scouts don't really have ranks or "subordinates", only Scouts of different degrees of known abilities and talents assigned to jobs where they can most benefit the Service at any particular time) closes the doors on his way out. The Commandant flicks on a privacy device on her desktop, flicks a few settings until it is showing all Green.

"There," she smiles. "That should at least prevent any local groups I'm aware of from listening in or imaging us. That leaves only the Duke's Intel people, Imperial Naval Intelligence, the Imperial Army, and possibly the Zhodani Tavr'chedl listening in. That gives us a little leeway for you to disappear if you should choose to go undercover, while they all decide which, if any, local interests they care to leak it to."

"Senior Scout Lora Lei, meet Scout James Rao. My name is Senior Scout Shihiko Vilnivishiili, and I am assigned as Commandant of this WayStation. Lora, James is the head of our local Intelligence and Security Office, an office that doesn't even exist at many Scout Bases and didn't exist here until we realized we needed it about fifty years ago when Efate's internal politics started on another heating trend in their perpetual hot/old cycles. It was found then that some of the Xboat interstellar communication net was being, ah, subverted and penetrated in this local area, and the office began as a detachment of postal inspectors, and remains a mix of CID and other investigative personnel with S-3 Security Troops."

"James, Lora is here apparently by chance, a retired Senior Scout with a detached duty Maus making her subject to recall, here in Efate on personal business, and the system flagged her as potentially filling a need for the Service when she exited Jump in-system, due apparently to some CID experience of which I am not cleared to know the details."

"Lora, I'm afraid this is one of those messed-up situations we occasionally encounter where the Need to Know is so tight that I can't tell you a whole lot of detail until you have already agreed to help us. I can say that this potentially involves anti-Imperial elements among the local political mess, that we believe an outside Scout with CID experience will be valuable because James is concerned that his own office may have been penetrated, and that the lives of at least two Scouts may be in danger. The carrot is the usual double-field-pay for the duration and maybe another commendation in your file; the stick is the usual threat: they take back your detached duty Type S if you decline to return to active duty for a 'brief but unspecified' period of time. If we were formally at war there could also be a charge of Treason, but fortunately that isn't on the table here yet."

"You can have up to ten minutes to think it over, including any questions you choose to ask, then I have other matters to deal with and must turn you over to James if you decide to help."
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