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She smiles. "The Commandant. It would be improper to keep her waiting." Lora has been here enough that she should know where the office will be.

She swings by her stateroom. "What to wear." Full dress uniform? Pbbbbt. Formal civilian? Maybe at one time, on Strouden, with her family .... Casual civilian? Well .... Casual duty? Flight suit? If the Commandant is a desk pilot she will feel intentionally slighted, but if she is a pilot herself then there may be some comraderie ....

Flight suit. Not brand new but slightly used, professional. Decorations ... ? No. Leave her guessing, besides it would lead to questions .... Service strips, yes definitely. Seven hashes, not a new bunny no not at all.

Not at all.

The power plant is at minimum output, barely audible, but the sound looms loudly in her mind ....

She takes a breath, looks around at the well-lit ship - every single light is on - and smiles. Off she goes.

[Is this port enclosed or will she need breathing mask even here?]
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