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[she was active for twelve years, then spent twelve years off-grid, then her last four as an instructor. let's say visited a few times.]

"Ladies we have about an hour so feel free to prepare to depart. Beverly please leave the bridge hatch open and open engineering for me so I can better hear the drives as I land."

On receiving landing berth coordinates she vectors in. She torsion's the maneuver drive field under the Ratte and flares to a stop over the berth, watching the drive guages as they drift slowly from green to yellow and listening to the rising pitch from engineering, then gently settles the boat down and cuts drive power. She sets the power plant to minimal consumption, and links comms to the local net.

She takes a moment to close her eyes and relax. "Waystation Efate. Ratte berthed. Is crew available to hook up umbilicals or am I to hook up myself?"

She helps the Cleary's find transport off the station and to their destination. "I have no idea why they want me. Perhaps I owe someone money. Or perhaps it is old boyfriend. Or perhaps it is old boyfriend to whom I owe money. We shall see."
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